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Top 5 favorite deck's

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Top 5 favorite deck's

Post by Tormmentor on Tue 29 Dec 2015 - 2:14

Everybody has their own favorite deck. As the topic says list your top 5 favorite.

#5: For me my number 5 is Ritual Beast. Known to some people as wind Infernity. Reason I like this deck is the artwork is well done on all the cards and I enjoy the way it plays. Ritual Beast has a little bit of a surprise factor and are able to steal games by "Wombo Comboing" on your opponent.

#4: The google.dek known as spellbooks is my number 4. I love how this deck can search whatever it wants whenever. This deck was able to go toe to toe with Dragon Rulers with the help of the banned card spellbook of judgement and help from Jowgen. With spellbooks with 3 Fate again it gives spellbook players hope that there are brighter days ahead.

#3: Burning Abyss is my number 3. Loved this deck since the first time I saw it. The deck floats like no tomorrow with graff, cir, and scarm making you advantage along with Dante holding the whole deck together. And who could forget how good Tour Guide is in this deck.

#2: Majespecter

#1, Nekroz!!

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